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When Did You Start Thinking About College?

soc_studentstalking No matter when you and your parents start talking college and your future, it has been on parents’ minds for years. Most students try to put off the college talk and their futures as long as possible. Until…..well, it’s here!

What you do, courses you take, grades you get all contribute to the types of options you will have for college in Senior year. Why not start today so you have more college options? Education research studies confirm that the way most students and parents get information on college is through their peers. You know your parents talk with other parents. And, you talk with your friends about colleges they like and how to get in.

For sure you wonder if your parents — or even your friends — are getting and giving the best advice.

College Advance – Myth Busters and Success Creators

You want to make sure you get into and go to a college where you will have fun and get a quality education for your career. We can help. Make the best choices with the most reliable information on college admissions and your future. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Available when you are, College Advance answers your “I have heard that…is this true?” questions. There are lots of convincing advice givers who say they know the college admission process. However, most know just as much as you do – if not less. Students and parents call us daily to check out if what they are hearing is true – or not. Best decisions are made on the best information and qualified advice. We help you know the reality of college admission…and the best steps to take today that lead to getting in tomorrow. With confidence.

  2. We show your parents how they can best help you select, apply and get into college. College Advance devotes equal time to your parents. Until today, they have been there to guide, advise and support you as you were growing up. Their college admissions advice to you is tricky as they may not understand today’s college admission process that has changed in just the past 5 years. Even though they assume they should know.
    We coach parents on ways they can be helpful to you – a student about to take the most important step to independence and young adulthood. No more disagreements regarding the steps to college. No need now to worry as you and your parents will both know what to do and how to do it.

  3. Determine what pathway is best for you to get into top colleges. Growing up you no doubt participated in activities, took courses, volunteered or played sports along with your friends. Today, colleges like to see students who are not afraid to be independent, creative and resourceful. Armed with many resources, we brainstorm opportunities that you will enjoy…and will look good. We show you how to stand out!

  4. “I’ll never get into a good college!” will never be heard again. Our 25 years of experience means we can confidently predict admission to the colleges where you apply. 99.9% of our alumni got in to at least 50% of their colleges. Student and parent anxiety about college admission typically comes from a lack of information. Comparing yourself to other students does not help either. We arm you and your family with the tools to embrace and see the merits of the college admissions process rather than to fear, endure or dread it.

  5. The goal is not getting into college as much as it is about getting out! At College Advance we consider getting in then straight through four years to graduation. Where you land was the best choice. You will not have to consider transferring in the midst of your college experience because your initial decision was the right one. Your four years of college will be remembered fondly and the friendships you make will last a lifetime.

Where to Start

The best place to start is…wherever you are in your short and long range college and career planning! Here are some suggestions, too…

  1. Read through other pages on this website. They will give you an idea of how we work.

  2. Then, to learn more about our services, contact us to get more information on how College Advance can help. We can send you an Intro Pak which details out the specifics of our program. Like the money part.

  3. And, to meet our counselor who can answer college related questions in addition to show you how this program could work for you, set up a free initial consultation.

We can meet you in your home or a designated location of your choosing. Oh, and be sure you bring your parents along, too. Don’t forget that we can help them to then help you.

Easy…. Hope to see you soon!