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One of the main reasons students are denied admission or receive little if any financial aid is because they were given the wrong advice. Or, families were not aware of the information they needed at critical stages of the college admission process.

The College Admission Quiz will help you separate fact from fiction, truth from myth.

Are you ready? Keep score!

  1. College do not consider 8th grade or High School Senior Grades. True? Or Myth?

  2. Only rich people can afford a private college education. True? Or Myth?

  3. An Ivy League education gives you the best education. True? Or Myth?

  4. Colleges look for high school seniors who are “well-rounded” True? Or Myth?

  5. GETTING IN is the most important consideration when planning, targeting and applying to college today. True? Or Myth?

  6. It is important to play a sport in high school in order to get into college. True? Or Myth?

  7. Applying as an athlete can get you into competitive colleges. True? Or Myth?

  8. Donating to a college is the best way to get admitted today. Truth? Or Myth?

  9. You need high test scores to get into good colleges? Truth? Or Myth?

  10. Valedictorians are always victorious. They are the ones who get into really good colleges. True? Or Myth?

  11. It really makes no sense to visit a college campus until you get in. Truth? Or Myth?

  12. Community college is a good next step if you do not know what you want or do not have the money to attend an expensive school Truth? Or Myth?

  13. Scholarships, loans and grants are only available to the low income. Truth? Or Myth?

  14. What you major in will determine your success in life. Truth? Or Myth?

  15. You need to major in science to get into medical school or major in English to get into law school or education to become a teacher. Truth? Or Myth?

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